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Sheep Classes

Entry fee: €5

Prizes: 1st: €40, 2nd: €30, 3rd: €20 Start 10.30a.m

***Please note that Rule 10 of Rules & Conditions may apply, should amalgamation of classes be necessary for any reason

***Please note that all sheep classes are open this year

Classes For Charolais

S10 Best Female (Lamb, Hoggett or Senior)

S11  Best Male (Lamb, Hoggett or Senior)

Classes For Vendeen

S12 Best Female (Lamb, Hoggett or Senior)

S13 Best Male (Lamb, Hoggett or Senior)

Classes For Suffolk

S14 Best Female (i.e.: Lamb, Hogget and Senior)

S15 Best Male (i.e.: Lamb, Hogget and Senior)

S16 Any other Ram/Ram lamb for which the above do not cater 

S17 Champion from classes S10-S16 - Martin McIntyre Perpetual Cup

Classes for Blackface horned Sheep (Mayo/Connemara Type)

S18  Best pair of Ewe Lambs

S19  Best pair of Ewe Hoggetts

S20  Best pair of Senior Ewes

S21  Best Ram Lamb

S22  Best Hoggett Ram 

S23  Best Senior Ram

S24  Champion from Classes S18-S20 - Paddy Joe Gaughan Perpetual Cup

        Champion from Classes S21–S23 - Anthony Lally Perpetual Cup.

Commercial Sheep Classes

S25  Best Pair of Factory Lambs(Max weight 46kg)

S26  Best Pair of Butchers Lambs(Min weight 50kg)

S27  Group of three females, Ewe Lamb + Ewe Hogget + Senior Hogget

S28  Best pair of Cross bred Ewe lambs for Breeding (must be off blackface horned ewes)

S29  Best pair of Mule, Grey Face, Cheviot Ewe Lambs for Breeding

S30  Best pair of Texel Cross Ewe lambs for Breeding

S31  Best pair of Suffolk Cross Ewe lambs for Breeding

S32  Best pair of Ewe lambs for Breeding from any other Breed for which classes S28-S31 do not cater.

S33  Best Pair of Ewe Hoggets (1st Cross off Hornies)

S34  Best pair of Non Continental Cross Bred Hoggets. E.g.: Cheviot/Suffolk/:Mule/Suffolk: GreyFace/Suffolk

S35  Best pair of any low land Cross Bred Hoggets

S36  Best pair of (1st Cross off Hornies) Senior Ewes

S37  Best pair of Texel Cross Senior Ewes

S38  Best pair of Suffolk Cross Senior Ewes

S39  Best pair of Cross Bred Ewes for which classes S35-S48 do not cater

S40  Best Horned Ewe with her lamb

S41  Best Cross Bred Ewe with her lamb

S42  Commercial Champion from the winners of classes S25–S41 Anthony Gilboy Perpetual Cup

S43  Overall Champion Sheep of the Show from the winners of classes S7,S17,S24,S42

S44  Best Junior Handler (National School)



1. Any classes with less than 4 entries by less than 3 exhibitors may be amalgamated

2. Judges decisions are final. E.g. If the judge considers that a sheep in a particular class does not meet the criteria for that class         he/she may ignore that entry.

3. A 1st prize winner of a class may not compete in another class.   Rule 17 of General Rules.

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