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Household Section


Judging:          Commences at 1pm

Entry Fee:        €2 (See exceptions for Qualifier Classes)

                        No late entries will be accepted.

Prizes:                         €15 for 1st Place, €10 for 2nd Place and €7 for 3rd Place unless otherwise stated

Exhibits:          All exhibits must be displayed before 11am on show day and collected before

                        5pm. The show will not accept responsibility for exhibits after this time.

                        All exhibits will be displayed in a large marquee on the show field.

                        All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor.

                        Prizes will not be issued if the judge is of the opinion that the exhibits are not

                        of home produce or if the exhibit is not appropriate for the class.

                        There must be three exhibits in a particular class, by three different exhibitors

                        in order for the class to go ahead on the day. This rule applies to all classes

                        excluding Qualifier Classes.




HH01    Six Early Potatoes

HH02    Six Late Potatoes

HH03    Kerr Pinks Only

HH04    Half Dozen Shallots

HH05    Three Roots of Beetroot

HH06    Best Five Seed Grown Onions (incl. sets)

HH07    Two Heads of Lettuce, Crisp Headed

HH08    Two Heads of Cabbage

HH09    Best Cauliflower

HH10    Three Roots Parsnips

HH11    Three Roots Carrots

HH12    Three Stalks Rhubarb

HH13    Exhibit of Swedes- Three Roots

HH14    Sheaf of Oats

HH15    Best Collection of Fruit & Vegetables (7 or less)

HH16    Any Other Vegetables Not Listed Above

HH17    Six White Hen Eggs

HH18    Six Brown Hen Eggs

HH19    Six Duck Eggs

HH20    Qualifier for the Lord Bia



HH20    Vase of Six Roses (Any Variety)

HH21    Best Miniature Arrangement of Flowers Not Over 9" in Width

HH22    Best Collection of Wild Flowers

HH23    Rose of the Show- 1 Bloom (1st Prize only)



*All cakes must be a minimum of 6” and be square or round only, unless stated beside a class*

HH24    Loaf Tin Brown Bread

HH25    Brown Bread

HH26    Soda Bread with Fruit

HH27    Six Brown Scones

HH28    Six White Scones

HH29    Six Treacle & Fruit Scones

HH30    Rich Fruit Cake (O'Donoghue's Bakery Perpetual Cup with Prize Money for 1st Place)

HH31    Light Fruit Cake (Builín Blasta Perpetual Cup WITH Prize Money for 1st Place)

HH32    Madeira Cake

HH33    Chocolate Biscuit Cake

HH34    Six Decorated Queen Cakes

HH35    Jam Swiss Roll

HH36    Apple Tart

HH37    Sponge Cake

HH38    Rhubarb Tart

HH39    Apple Crumble

HH40    Six Plain Muffins

HH41    Porter Cake

HH42    Cheesecake - Any Flavour

HH43    Tea Brack



HH44    Homemade Pot of Rhubarb Jam

HH45    Homemade Pot of Strawberry Jam

HH46    Homemade Pot of Marmalade

HH47    Homemade Pot of Jam - Any variety



HH48    Ladies or Gents Sweater

HH49    Knitted Toy

HH50    Any Small Article of Knitting not Specified Above

HH51    Any Large Article of Knitting not Specified Above

HH52    Any Article of Sewing - Hand or Machine Sewn

HH53    Any Small Article of Cotton Crochet

HH54    Any Large Article of Cotton Crochet

HH55    Any Small Article of Wool Crochet

HH56    Any Large Article of Wool Crochet



HH57    Best Example of Small Handcraft (not exceeding 12cm x 12cm)

HH58    Best Example of Large Handcraft (must be more than 15cm x15cm and less than 90cm


HH59    Best Example of Artistic Woodwork (not exceeding 120cm x120cm)

HH60    Best Six Sods of Hand Cut Turf

HH61    Best Six Sods of Machine Cut Turf

HH62    St. Bridget's Cross

HH63    Best Craft made of Wool

HH64    Something Old from Something New (not exceeding 60cm x 60cm)

HH65    Best Designed Fascinator for Heritage Day

HH66    Qualifier for the All-Ireland Domestic Arts Championship

1. Each exhibit must consist of Three items from the list below:
(A) Handmade Picture any medium max. 60cm x 45cm (excluding frame)
(B) Flower arrangement for a Dining Room table (space allowed 12” x 12”
(C) Six Potatoes. Any Variety
(D) Decorated Victoria Sponge (20cm/8” Round)(filling & Decoration must be Non Perishable).
• The Picture must be Handmade. Machine Work will not suffice.
• Potatoes must be grown by the exhibitor.
• Exhibitors may qualify once only.
• In the event of an objection and following an investigation, and if the
  exhibitor is deemed to be making their living from their profession,
  they may be disqualified.
• Two exhibitors to quality from each qualifying show.
• This competition will be judged on a points system.
• Points will be awarded for presentation.
  Exhibits to be in place before 11.30 on day of final

Entry fee: To qualifying Show €3. To final €6
Prizes: 1st €250; 2nd €200; 3rd €130; 4th €65; 5th to 25th €30 each.




HH67    Best Painting in Any Medium, Maximum size including frame 59cm x 42cm (A2)

HH68    Best Example of Freehand Drawing or Sketch

HH69    Qualifier to the Fleetwood Paints All-Ireland Amateur Painting Competition


1. Paintings must be the sole work of the exhibitor who must have amateur status.
2. Paintings to depict an Agricultural or Rural setting.
3. Paintings must measure no more than 26”X 20” not including the frame.
4. All Paintings must be ready to hang, that is framed and
   with a hanging cord attached.
5. The Judges decision will be final.
6. All entries to be exhibited at owners risk.
7. All entries to have amateur status as defined by the following:
(A) Not to have had a commercial solo exhibition,
(B) Not to have exhibited in a commercial gallery,
(C) Not to be teaching or have taught art in any form.
8. In the event of an objection and following an investigation,
   and if the exhibitor is deemed to be making their living from their profession,
   they may be disqualified.

These rules should be read in conjunction with the ISA Rules.
To avoid any confusion would exhibitors please print their Name & Phone No. on a label & attach to back of Painting.


Entry Fee - To qualifying Show: €3. To Final: €6.
PRIZES - 1st: €300, 2nd: €200, 3rd: €100, 4th: €50.

Final: VIRGINIA SHOW Wednesday 21st August 2019



HH70    Any Subject Confined to Under 18 Years

HH71    Best Colour Photograph, Animal or Wildlife

HH72    Best Scenic Photograph

HH73    Best Sporting Photograph

HH74    Best Photograph in Black & White

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