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Dog Show

Starts 1p.m. - Entries taken from 11.30am onwards
Entry Fee €4 per class or three for €10 - Prize: 1st: €15, 2nd: €10, 3rd: €5
Bags of Dogfood Sponsored by GAIN Feeds, Redmills & Burns Pet Food

D1  Any Variety Puppy (12 months)
D2  Any Variety Terrier other than Jack Russell (e.g. Parson, Bull, Staff, Fox, Kerry Blue,
       Cairn, West Highland) 
D3  Jack Russell 
D4  Any Variety Pointer/Setter/Spaniel (English Pointer, Red Setter, Irish
      Setter, English Setter, Gordon Setter, Cocker, Clumber, Springer Spaniel)
D5  Any Variety Retriever (Retriever, Labrador)
D6  Border Collies
D7  Working (St Bernard, Bernese, Samoyed, Pyrenean, Mastiff, Husky, Great Dane,
       German Shepherd) - Sponsored by Tony Keane (Ballina Boarding Kennels)
       Prizes: 1st: €200, 2nd: €100, 3rd: €50
D8   Rescue Dog 
D9   Pastoral (Smooth & Rough Collie, Belgian, Old English, Shetland)
D10 Utility (Shih Tzu, Spitz, Akita, Dalmatian, Bulldog, Poodle)
D11 Toy (Pekinese, Bichon, Pom, Pug, Yorkshire and King Charles) 
D12 Mixed Breed 
D13 Veteran Dog (Over 8 years)
D14 Dog Confined to Erris

Novelty Classes

D15 Best Groomed - Sponsored by Jo’s Pet Grooming
D16 Girl/Boy Handler - Sponsored by Patrick Murray
D17 Lady Handler - Sponsored by O’Raghallaigh’s Pub
D18 Gent Handler
D19 Dog in Fancy Dress - Sponsored by Gala Belmullet
D20 Dog That Hasn’t Won a Prize - Sponsored by Gala Belmullet
D21 Champion of Show - Sponsored by John & Kathleen Healy, Spar Barnatra
       (Confined to winners of Classes D1 to D14 ONLY)

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