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Shows wishing to participate in the 2018 Championships and be eligible to hold qualifiers must have collected the Championship Fund Levy (currently 5%) from Horse, Pony, Cattle and Sheep class prize money for the year 2018 and forwarded the amount so collected, in full, to the Irish Shows Association Head Office within the stipulated period of not more than 30 days from the date of their show. Alternative methods of meeting this obligation are not acceptable. Any show or competitor in breach of the Rules set out below will be disqualified from participating or competing in these championships. These General Rules and those relating to individual championships (where applicable) should be published in the show schedule and catalogue of the participating shows and must be strictly observed.
Qualifying rounds will take place at eligible shows selected by the Irish Shows Association.
a. Selected shows should hold a separate class for each qualifier from which the highest placed animals will qualify.
b. The qualifier class if possible should be held as the first class in the relevant section of the show.
c. Shows must ensure that the qualifiers are held strictly in accordance with the relevant rules.
d. No other sponsor may be involved in qualifying classes.
e. Shows may charge an entrance fee for each qualifying class. The I.S.A. will award a rosette to the successful Qualifiers on appearance at the Final
f. No show hosting a Championship Final may hold a qualifier for that Championship on the day of the Final other than by agreement with the Irish Shows Association.”However Shows who hold qualifiers for Horses, Ponies & Cattle may ask exhibitors to enter the exhibit in at least one other class at their show on the day”
g. Animals qualified for Finals are not eligible to enter in any other class at the Show where the Final is held (other than a Qualifying Class for another Competition)
h. Shows should appoint competent well-briefed persons to act as Stewards, who must ensure that only animals (or other exhibits) which are eligible to compete and those whose documentation is in order are allowed to proceed to the judging ring.
i. Animal Passports & “Micro Chips where applicable” should be read by a Veterinary Surgeon appointed by the show.
J. On completion of judging, Stewards should instruct the successful competitors to attend at the Show Secretary’s Office within one hour and to complete the necessary documentation for entry to the championship final.
K. The show must appoint a well-briefed officer, who will be in attendance at the Secretary’s Office, and who will assist exhibitors to complete the necessary documentation for participation in the final and to collect the relevant entrance fee.
L. Show Secretaries must forward complete result cards, together with appropriate fees to the Irish Shows Association within three (3) days following the holding of the show. N.B Shows must return results card marked “No Competition” for any or all of the events for which no animal (or exhibit) has been selected.
A. Exhibitors accept that the Judges decision is final in all cases. Any abuse of Judges will not be tolerated. Where a dispute or case for complaint arises the matter should only be dealt with under f. below.
B. Winners of qualifiers are themselves responsible for entering their animals (or exhibits) for the final in accordance with j. and k. above, within one hour of qualifying.
C. Winners of qualifiers will compete in the final.
D. The Irish Shows Association in conjunction with the sponsor reserve the right to alter or amend the rules of any competition as may be necessary or appropriate.
E. Shows and competitors must contact the National Irish Shows Office for details of any championships and not the sponsor involved.
F Objections must be lodged in writing with the Show Secretary or with the I.S.A representative at the show within half an hour of the completion of judging, together with a fee of €50 or other Stated fee, which is refundable in the event of the objection being upheld. G Any Exhibitor who makes a false declaration or misrepresents a fact regarding themselves or their exhibit is liable to disqualification and or forfeiture of any prizes awarded
A. A deduction of 5% of the prize money is to be collected by the Show and forwarded to the Irish Shows Association within 30 Days of the final
B. Championship finals should start not later than 2 pm on the day of the show & the advertised time of starting Should be adhered to as far as practicable, if necessary, other show classes should be either postponed or relocated to allow for this.
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