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Horse & Pony Classes

The Show Committee recommend that all exhibitors in the Horse, Pony, Jumping and Cattle Sections should have Insurance to cover them in case of any accident or damage caused by an animal to any person, animal or property


***Please note that Rule 10 of Rules & Conditions may apply, should amalgamation of classes be necessary for any reason***

*** Please note that Rule 17 of the Rules & Conditions does not apply to the HORSE/PONY or CONNEMARA Showing section ***





Please note: Equine passports must be available on request.


Ring 1

Entry €10 Prizes: 1st €70, 2nd €50, 3rd €30

Champion: €100            Reserve: €40


H1        Best Mare, likely to produce a Sport Horse or Hunter.

H2        Best Mare with Foal at foot to be judged as a unit.

H3        Best Horse 3 years and under Colt, Gelding or Filly.

H4        Best Coloured Horse, Gelding or Filly.

H5        Best Mare or Gelding Confined to Erris

H6        Best Turned out Horse and Handler.

H7        Irish Draught Mare or Gelding any age.

H8        Best Small Hunter Ridden.

H9        Riding Style and Appearance

            1st Prize €100     2nd Prize €50 3rd Prize €30

            Sponsored by: Michael Joe Barrett

H10      Best Cob 15.1hh and under Ridden

H11      Large Riding Horse 16.1hh and Over

H12      Champion Horse of Show

             Champion:        €100

             Reserve:           €40



Connemara Pony Classes


Entry €10

 Prizes: 1st €60, 2nd €40, 3rd €20

(Unless otherwise stated)


CP1      Best Registered Connemara Yearling, Colt, Gelding or Filly

CP2      Best Registered Connemara 2 Year old, Colt, Gelding or Filly

CP3      Best Registered Connemara 3 Year old, Colt, Gelding or Filly


CP4      Best Connemara Mare and Foal judged as a unit

             Prizes: 1st: €230, 2nd: €150 3rd: €70, 4th: €50

            (Sponsored by: The Groham Family, Carrowmore)

CP5      Best Connemara Mare 4 – 6 Years

CP6      Best Connemara Mare 6 Years and over.

CP7      Best Ridden Connemara

CP8      Overall Champion Connemara

            Champion:        €80

            Reserve:           €40



Pony Classes


Entry €10 Prizes: 1st €60, 2nd €40, 3rd €20



P1        Leading Rein Class for Ponies, Mares Geldings, 4 yrs and over, suitable for and to be ridden by children who have not attained their                    8th birthday on 01/01/2019 (Prizes in Kind)

P2        Best 12.2hh Riding Pony

P3        Best 13.2hh Riding Pony

P4        Best 14.2hh Riding Pony

P5        First ridden class walk and trot only

P6        Best 2 year old Pony

P7        Best 3 Year old Pony

P8        Best Pony 14.2hh and under lead in hand

P9        Best turned out Pony and Handler

P10      Fancy dress class (Prizes in Kind)

P11      Young Handler Class child 8-11 years (Prizes in Kind)


P12      Overall Champion Pony of Show

             Champion - €80

             Reserve - €40


L1         Loose Jumping performance competition 3yr old ponies Colt, Gelding or Filly

             -  Prize Fund €200

L2         Loose Jumping performance competition 3yr old Horses Colt, Gelding or Filly                            

             - Prize Fund €250

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